Tuesday , January 19 2021

Rumor: Universal Studios has canceled plans for attracting the Tea and Salda Tea Gardens

Duck cry

In April last year, Universal Studios launched a rumor Pokmon A park in Orlando in 2020. Now, there is a new upgrade plan for the park Zelda's legend The attractiveness was suspended for at least four years or permanently arbitrarily temporarily.

The theme, Universe, one of the first sources that was never officially published on the University of Park, has recently decided to reduce the content of Nintendo at the Olox Theme Park with its main premise. The project "three floors".

It is believed that the Nintendo website does not require a green porter for Alexander. The risk factor for this risk and the price based on one of the fastest and fastest drama,

Instead of the encyclopedia, Universal Studios Orlando and Kidzon, which attracted the lost continent, will no longer be available. The only official announcement of the end of Nintendo's end has been reported in 2020 by the Universal Stake called Japan and its opening Mário Cartão Attraction in the Nintendo section.

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