Saturday , January 16 2021

Sarah speaks of depression and chronic pain

Sarah Highland was a great ghost Ellen Digners Shaw She committed suicide along with her health problems and depression.

Sarah had health problems throughout her life (she had been hospitalized in June in social networks and six kidney transplants, including six kidney transplants, endometriosis and "all humanity").

Sarah's second kidney transplant was followed in 2017 by her refusal and dysstasia. She was very upset daily, and there was severe depression. Sarah said, "I have an amazing care system, a wonderful support system, but 26, 27 years are always chronically ill and everyday, and the next thing you really do not really know is really difficult."

She said she was concerned about the suicide and pain of suicide. She said she was "very, very, very, very close". Sarah continued: "I wrote letters to my dear ones, and my arguments were behind it, none was wrong, and I refused to write letters because I do not want anyone to do it, and that's how serious for me. "

Sara finally says that she thinks about her life. She supported that person to see therapist. Sarah says, "It sounded, I kept it for months and months." She knows that she is different to each other, and "talking to her, actually saying her … it leads to a perspective."

Thank you for thanking Serato and thanks for the "self-examination". Here you can see the interview:

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