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Scientific controversial DNA invalidates Watson's honor

New York – Nobel Prize-winning DNA scientist James Watson, who did not publish racist sentences, was removed from the New York Laboratory on Friday at the New York Laboratory.

The cold Spanish port laboratory, in a television documentary filmed earlier this month, responded to Watson's remarks.

In the film, Watson said that when he told the magazine that his views on the intelligence and the nation had not changed in April 2007, "our own social policies are based on the fact that their intellect is not the same as our test, because" we are indefinitely dark about Africa. "

In an interview in 2007, Watson stated that everyone is the same as expectations, and this is not true for people who are dealing with black workers.

In this documentary this month, the genes will make a difference between black and white on the IQ tests.

The labyrinths' latest criticism of the laboratory's "chemical criticism" and "lack of support" labels, Watson wrote in 2007 in writing and apologizing. Chancellor Eritheus and the Honorary Trustee have abolished three honorary titles.

Watson has long been attached to the science lab and has been appointed director of the Academy in 1968, and in 1994 she was its chairman and its chancellor ten years later. He was later designated as a school in the laboratory.

Rapps, son of Watson, had a telephone conversation on Friday, when his father was 90 years old and had a nursing home in the aftermath of the October car accident, and his awareness of his surroundings was "very minimal."

"From my father's comments, he can make him a critical and discriminative person," he said. But that's not true. "They represent his somewhat narrow definition of genetic fate."

"My dad made his life, but now it is responsible for the lab," he said.

James Watson, in 1950, collaborated with Francis Crick in collaboration with the Nobel Prize winner and scientist Morris Wilkins, and was reformed by the DNA as a double alchemy. It was decided to investigate how genetic material works.

Dual Helix was widely recognized as a symbol. Watson was more famous than the scientific circles.


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