Wednesday , January 27 2021

Senior Huawei manager to leave Canada

Since 2011, an executive of a senior Huawei Canada has been working closely with a Chinese company in the country, working with Shenzhen in the face of growing problems around the world.

Holmim Broadly, who portrayed Huawei as a contributor to Canada's economic development, left Silkham this week from New York.

When Mr. Bradley asked on Friday at Grøreb & Post on Friday, he did not talk about the reasons for leaving, but Huawei played a decisive role in the formation of the China Telecom brand in Canada and played a decisive role in publishing.


We are extremely grateful for his contribution during the past seven and a half years in Canada, and I personally express my gratitude, issuing a statement, "E-mail President Eve Lee of Hewey Canada said that Bradley was a special advisor at some time.

In a separate memorandum in Canada, Mr. Bradley himself said that his departure was "not an urgent decision, but an understanding of the past one-and-a-half-year period, and I play a prominent role" with the company. "

Former Brigadier Incident Bradley joined Huawei after being defeated as a liberal candidate at the 2011 general election. China's dictatorial government said it was a good reputation and close ties to China's Chinese Telecom.

Last year, Bradley has paid much attention to the fact that Washington will have a powerful impact on key allies, including Washington, and that Huawei is closely bound up with Beijing because of not allowing the next generation of 5G wireless networks and its equipment can be used by Western intelligentsia see.

On Friday, a Chinese worker and a Polish security guard in Huawei were taken into custody for espionage and were treated in the West as a telecom equipment maker.

A spokeswoman for the Polish Security Service said that Huawei Technologies CosLighting had no direct connection with these allegations.

A Hewi worker, Wang Weigin, identified himself as Reuters and has been arrested, but is not receiving him.


Mr. Wang has been working for the Huawei's Polish branch since 2011 for the Linking Profile and as a director of the Chinese Consulate in Gdansk since 2006.

Huawei Beijing may be requested by Beijing and other Western and Western intelligence specialists, including three former heads of Canadian intelligence agencies, to enter their equipment for spying or sabotage. Under Chinese law approved in 2017, companies need "to collaborate, collaborate and collaborate in the national intelligence."

In the Canadian Huawei's head, Bradley reiterated that Huawei complied with all of Canada's laws and did not spy on Canadians.

Since Mr. Bradley has joined the company eight years ago, Huawei has established an increasingly common profile in Canada.

The company sponsors the Jays Care Foundation, the Sasktel Indigenous Youth Excellence Awards and Actua.

Ottawa Senators, Toronto International Film Festival, and Sports Hockey Center Sports News. Huawei has trained nearly 60 amateur engineers from Canada to work through China for its global "seed for the future" program.


Mr. Bradley is a lobbyist of the Canadian-Chinese Business Council, and is a brother of Susan Smith, a close ally of the Canadian 2020, who is closely associated with the Liberal government, and is partially financed by Huawei.

Houwei, who owns private ownership, was set up in 1984 by the former engineer of the People's Liberation Army, the 12th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, and Reng Shingfei, a former engineer. Several years ago, allegations have been made of trade secret robberies stolen by Norell and Cisco.

In the beginning of this year, Jake Hunt's Conservative Leader, Andrew Shire, was the director of corporate affairs in Canada.

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