Tuesday , January 26 2021

Space X is cutting its staff by 10 percent

Eonne Mask, head of space X, will cut 10 percent of his workforce.
Increase it / Eonne Mask, head of space X, will cut 10 percent of his workforce.

The company will remove up to 10 percent of the X X of the workforce, the company said. The company stands out as "Outstanding Reforms" as a company committed to ensuring long-term success.

The company chairman and chief operating officer, Givin Shotwell, announced Friday that employees were e-mailed. There is a workforce of over 6,000 people.

"We have to become a space-to-space company, to provide our customers, an interactive spacecraft and a global space star," said a spokesman for the company.

"Yet another effort from these developments, other organizations have bankrupted," he added. "We need to work with skilled and busy members of our team and we are deeply grateful for our commitment to space missions, and this step is taken in the face of the most challenging challenges ahead."

A few weeks later, it was decided to cut $ 250 million from the SpaceX loan for up to $ 750 million, but more favorable terms than the target's target.

Funds for new projects

The corporations have repeatedly said that the X-ray is profitable. Commercial commission contracts awarded NASA's Development Funds and the US Air Force. In 2018, the Space X X FoConn was launched 20 rockets, flying the first Falcon Heavy rocket. By developing the renewable first phase, the company is the most innovative and cost-effective bouster in the world.

However, Space X is a Starlet Rocket as well as a satellite star-based rocket, which is designed to ship rockets, super tracers and spacecraft to Mars. Many years have passed since the significant flow of revenue from both projects.

Space X is carried out by NASA's commercial staff, a private company's first orbital launch. It initially used StarCraft satellite satellites for its first spacecraft.

The source of one aerospace industry, the amount and period of the cuts Friday, has suggested that space mission chief Alon Mask will be able to reduce costs and reduce underperforming workers. Em.en.ḍabliv. The company has more funds to invest in its ambitious development projects.

In the most brutal of recent years, the Space Invaders have been developing the Facto 9-type rocket, in part, by slashing government-backed companies, including cuts to slashing workers, in part for commercial bargaining contracts, in part, the US founding alliance.

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