Saturday , January 16 2021

Space X Launches Another 10 Irorge Communications Sands

LOS ANGELES – Instead of a new generation of space rocket designers, instead of a new generation of retrofit engines, Iduidy Communications Inc. has released a two-year campaign to Venus to the Earth's low orbit.

The rocket near the Wankenburg Airbus 7:31, the rocket near the West Pacific from west to west Pacific. The previously used first stage was explored in the ocean "drone vessel" and moved along the high platform orbit.

The eighth and final $ 3 billion iridium NEXT project was launched in orbit of McClellan's in Virginia. Sixty-six years old and work in the new orbital parts. Six other satellites are still parts.

Iridium's Network Operation Center communicates with 10 newly-formed satellites and is preparing to test.

Iridium has transformed its new satellite into the atmosphere and has been downgraded to the old ones. By now, 60 new satellites are in operation.

Iridium Satellite was first introduced in 1990 to customers who use Iridium Satellite and Pager for voice, data, fax and paging services.

Among the new capabilities empowered by the upgrade, the Ideiurium seros describes an unmanned aerial vehicle system and a wide array of solutions without life-threatening services.

Iridium NEXT satellites carry a system for worldwide surveillance of spacecraft worldwide, which is more than 100 percent worldwide.

The Aireon system is known as an autonomous observation system. Automatically and real-time broadcasts from remote locations around the world.

"Today we are in the forefront of making our journey a revolutionary change in the field of aviation, which will take weeks." Ameon CEO Don Tamo says. As soon as these launches are completed, the final launching of final coordination and testing for the recently launched weight work will be launched, and then the world's first, real-time, truly global vision will become a reality. "

Aireon said it had made more than 13 billion ADS-B of the month.

Another change from the new satellite is noted: "Iridium flash". Modern satellites do not reflect the light of the sun, as the old ones do.

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