At the Triple Nebet Life Times, there was a lot of talk R. The woman has summoned him since she was a documentary filmwoman who was involved in inappropriate behavior against women.

The following video commented on the user's usage of @Danimakeup. TourE talks about Kelé's disgusting behavior.

"Every Sunday, I started work with me in 2017. I could not say how I looked at how I had sex, and if I had sex on the weekend, F ** k would look at his appearance." While I was with him, I had to stay in the room with me. When I left, I was called the HR … he shot at once. "

After commenting, Tu continued to share her apology with her dad associated with her past. M. Tuvi then issued a statement for the Essence:

"In the exposition, we were struck with excitement in our group, including us, and I am sorry for my tongue when unexpectedly disappointing our team, and I was unable to inconvenience myself as a guide to the show as a guide to the conduct.