Sunday , January 24 2021

The Apiarya ganja manufacturer is co-owner for exit

Apriri Inc. confirmed on Friday that two CEOs of Canadian ganja farmers would be removed in the coming months.

Their chief executive Vic Nifeld and cofounder Call Kaseyevily resign from their duties, while Irvin Simon, the new president of Agriya President, Jakob Ripscheng, announces a news release. After the transfer, Noufland and Cachacilani will serve as special advisers as Chairman and Chairman until the new Chairman is appointed.

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Their departures were first published by Globe and Mail, and two recent short-sellers of Agria attacked its recent deals.


"I and I worked hard and hard for decades, but now our sixty-year-old is the time to quit the demands of leadership in a world-class organization." "He said. "Unique meetings, travel, time limits, merit searches – only executive listings will grow."

Appar stock's earnings rose 8 percent, and the company ran its earnings call, up $ 9.36.

Agri reported on Friday results for the second quarter. In the three months to November 30, 3,409 kilograms of marijuana were net worth of net sales of $ 22 million. Shares of Hugh's Brands and Liberty Health Incorporated reported a net income of $ 55 million for the investment portfolio.

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