Monday , January 25 2021

The emergency update of the Earth Magnetic Field affects the global navigation system

The Earth's magnetic northwards pole moves rapidly at Siberia. Experts do not believe.

Scientists in charge of the Earth's magnetic field have been forced by the detrimental movement to update their global navigation systems to ship from Google Maps.

When moving around the earth's liquid on the liquid, the magnetic field and, therefore, the bars can be systematically and often unexpectedly surrounded.

Scientists must update the world magnetic template from time to time to map this process, and intend to end the 2015 most recent version until 2020.

However, in the early days of 2018, researchers in the UK and the United States had changed so quickly that the magnetic field had to be taken strictly.

The reserves they were observing were so large that they had surpassed the acceptable limit for its movement errors.

To do this, the British Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the United States are issuing unprecedented instances before the model.

The latest data, including an unexpected geomagnetic pulse from South America in 2016, The system is more accurate.

Over the last 40 years, the rapidly developing North Pole has further exaggerated the magnetic field and made the new model more demanding.

It is expected to release it. But the shutdown of the US government is delayed to the end of January.

These changes are essential due to the technique used by planes, ships and smartphones. The earth's magnetic field is used in every direction.

Any ship in the region has been hit by a malicious pattern in the Arctic, which is surrounded by the North Pole.

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"Because the poles are moving rapidly, this region is experiencing great defects," says NOAA geomagnetist Dr. Arnaud Chulliat nature.

However, scientists are not clear about what exactly is behind exactly the recent changes.

Clouds from the Earth's center are located behind the possible Jamaican magnetic pigments that will occur in 2016, and North American North Pole can cross the Canadian liquid with liquid pulses.

When dramatic changes in our bottom line are further examined, their latest updates will be updated until next scheduled update in 2020.

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