Wednesday , January 20 2021

The helicopter from helicopter to roller Coaster Taikon was 12 years old

Point RollerCoaster Tycoon It's a good theme to create a garden. Usually it returns with funny roller coasters like having fun places of excitement and high margins on food and drink. One player decided to put that argument out of Windows, and most of them in their gardens were really disgusted. A 12-year-old roller camouflage poster or 30 million days according to the internal period of the game.

It's Roser Kostarus Brain, Mr. Marc Wos, all of a strange kind of YouTube channel cInspector based on the open source version RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. His record mortgage was called "12 Years of Suffering" Twitter recently shared By YurogāmarBe sure to keep silent, including Matthew Reynolds and even the most tolerant ones. This race is part of Vos's ongoing mission to create and experience the greatest Roller Cleaner in the game. His previous record was only 232 days. So how did he take such an enormous leap forward?

In this video, WAS was able to combine two separate strategies to attack the new record. The first is a small roller cruiser, which uses small cars. Only when there is a regular start and stop at the stop when the front is visible to the car. The only roller coaster on the map is the only remaining car that runs at a minimum speed.

Holding means that the cars of the little coaster are stuck in a large cosester, and a large engine can carry one, after a single run. It is like a tiny monument like a large treasure. In this case, it ends a small coaster, and it ends with 12 years and hundreds of years to complete it.

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