Sunday , January 17 2021

The Japanese Olympic Committee chairman held an investigation in France against corruption in the Tokyo games

The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Suninaku Takeda, is conducting an in-depth investigation on the corruption in Japan regarding the success of Japan in 2020, French sources say.

The French financial warrants investigated by the Japanese bidding committee for a Singapore adviser for millions of dollars in debt were questioned by Takesya in Paris, and he was placed under a decisive investigation on December 10.

In Tokyo, Tokyo bidding for Tokyo bidding did not take place, and French authorities had not been charged with it.

The panel has filed a case filed by the International Olympic Committee (ICC) committee and is due to meet Friday. Takeda "guesses innocence."

A formal investigation under French law means that there is "serious or persistent evidence" of interposing a suspect in a crime. One step closer to the trial, but such a trial is not without trial.

In 2016, French inspectors raped athletes in a number of years to extend their investigation of Rio de Janeiro and the 2014 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Judge Ronald One Rumebec, who is filing a lawsuit, has now ignored the bribe of Tachera, his former Olympic champion and a second cousin of the Emperor Akiko.

Tkoda, the head of the sales commission of the IOC, the Tokyo Olympic and Tokyo-supported Olympic Games for the Paralympic Games,

"I plan to cooperate with investigations to criticize every uncertain situation," he said.

The move against Tkheda is related to the consulting firm of the Black Tigers, which suspended its shutdown in 2016, by the Japanese bidding committee, who paid over $ 2 million to French defendants.

In 2017, Japanese lawyers volunteered to question Baker and several others on the request of the French authorities for payment. During that time, the Ciudad news agency reported. Qaddo said Takeda and others had done nothing wrong.

Japanese officials have said that two payments are paying legal advisory fees. The first was preceded by Tokyo's success and the other after that was generally practical.

A committee appointed by the Japanese Olympic Committee has made these payments legal in September 2016.

Uriko Koike, of Tokyo, said the news of the test was "surprised."

In 1972 and at the 1976 Olympics, the Emperor Meiji, 71-year-old Tikida, was a member of the Japanese Olympic Committee from 1987 and was the chairman since 2001.

He is a senior member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the Olympic Winter Games.

A ceremony was held in Tokyo with Tokyo's former Prime Minister Tokyo Yoshiro-Mori, and according to Mori's office, attended a function in Stockholm.

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