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The officer who killed a woman was previously killed in official duties

Police officer Calgary, const. Stephen Cook leaves the Calgary Court on December 18, 2013. Darren McCowick / Calgary Sun / QMI Agency

The killer, 29-year-old Stasi Portri, who shot dead on December 25, 2018, has been executed by a deadly injuries sustained in 2011 by a man in the Galvari.

Constantin. Stephen Cook, Perry's 10-year-old Calgary, was shot dead after a dangerous driving after a dangerous driving.

The shootout is being carried out by the Alberta Serious Response Team. Cook is a 30-day administrative leave.

In 2011, Cook's shooting shot Corey, 40, and four or four times after erasing Woods.

In a deadly test conducted in 2013, Cook told the South African police that the gun had been shot down with the British troops in Iraq.

Cook failed to speak freely at the time of his testimony by lawyer Willie Diet, who had been sent by his lawyer, Vanessa Séret.

A boy in the background of the call said: "Tonight you will die." Cook said that his gun was knocking on the door and hitting a woman on a threat that threatened her. Kiss four times.

"If he killed the knife, he stumbled with the knife of a neck or shoulder, and I thought that this woman was a girl." I thought, I thought I was going to die just like I thought. "

In a Facebook page, Stacy Perepi, her friends and family were shot dead by the Calgary Police in her Christmas morning.

Midnight on Christmas Eve at Perry 9th Lane and Black Hawk Trail. B. C. License plate. They attempted to drive the vehicle traffic.

However, she failed to leave her. Police said that the city was running towards the Northwest while the red lights were running at the rear.

Another traffic block was successful and only failed at 12:30 am. The police station stopped about ten minutes later.

Two hours later, a call was received in the northeastern community of Falcongrie about the "red light" and "turning red Uva." Officers from the only Voice of the Island were traveling in the wrong path along the northeastern city of Kalagar.

Police station in front of boxes in front of the police station and police vehicles in front of each side and rear of the vehicle have been stopped by stony tile from Mt.

Officers had to leave their vehicles, "this car was moving."

NE Street on the 68th Street Albert's critical case review team reviews the firing of the McGuire officer. And Stony Tray from Cagnes on Christmas Day. Acquisition / post-media

Perry's ex-boyfriend, Vincent Church, has struggled against problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse, and she was shocked when her addiction became her best.

"The same fear can take many forms," ​​says the church, "that it will often not happen, but that phobia will enter."

"Surely she may have certainly done something bad for her on the day the gunman fired, or threatened someone, a bad time or a bad event, or she had done something for her," he said. "When she was disappointed with her fight or flying reflexes and she was disappointed, she did not always get the best decisions."

The president of the Calgary Police Service, Les Kaminski, said that officers with the hope of not using another person had arrived.

"However, it is our responsibility to protect the public, other officials and ourselves, and this is the worst-case scenario of police work," he declared.

"Thank you, and most of the police officers are not forced to live their whole lives." However, occasionally an officer may have several events.

"Our citizens can be thoroughly examined when it comes to a critical event." The actions of each officer are very scattered, one case being independently judged, the actions taken by the officials are justified, or they will be brought to work We are confident that this test will not change. "

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