Tuesday , January 19 2021

The Witnesses are talking about the fear of the bus collision incident

Screaming, rescuing from blood and rescue: Passengers and witnesses were killed by an oncoming bus crash that happened on Friday.

An Australian bus started a bus station at the Westboro bus station Friday afternoon, killing three people and injuring two thousand five hundred.

Mr. Bilal Gill was driving the 269 bus driver.

"The bus was running fast, I collapsed, or started attacking something, it was speeding, and the driver could not regain control, it was a blow to Westbourne's dwelling," he said.

When Basil was on the trail, he was in the back of the bus. (Tom Parry / CBC)

"Many people shout and shout, the front seats of the people came under the floor."

The first responders slammed through the windows and entered the upper windows to save the upper airspace.

"Indeed, people were absolutely tied, and the ground had some blood," he said. "There were people on Straßer."

Half of the bus is missing

Monika Lang traveled on another bus to the place that had arrived in the vicinity.

"The ground appeared on the west and the front of the bus, and it disappeared halfway."

Witnessing to her later gave her witness.

"I usually bus, I sometimes brought the bus.

After the devastating collapse of Wadibro Corp., the fire brigade seized the passengers from the bus. (Patrick Career / Twitter)

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Ryan Bludsoon (34) runs from the city of Varna to every city on the bus line. Like Lung, his bus collapsed for a moment.

"It was a difficult task to see, it's dangerous, you do not want to see anything like you. They want every family to go safely to their homes safely and can not even think about such an event."

A woman wearing a hole in front of the Octane Trans bus in front of the front door in front of a migration home at the Westborough railway station. (@ SaveOurSenators / Twitter)

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