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The woman who cut the broken leg was after an aggressive disorder

A woman woke up one morning and then took a severe decision to cut her leg to break her legs.

Victoria Abbot Fleming is now 40 years old and a column of stairs has fallen.

But her life permanently changed, and she eventually lost her legs and eventually lost her legs.

When she was infected with her right leg, during her lifetime, she died, and she blasted with live cover with one day, reports Welsh Online.

"I went to the afternoon, I saw that something was going on my leg, and I thought my eyes were deceiving," Victoria said.

"Apparently, I clearly saw a blood-thrown voice that my husband killed me.

Victory was the result of a painful fall in her foot

Warning: below are graphic images

"The only way to get rid of them was to convert water into a disinfectant and throw it on me.

"But my leg is so painful, so it's like an acid bath."

Victoria and her lawyer, who studied at Aber Street University recently, In November 2003 she had several concrete steps for her work.

Victoria fell ill after her stump collapsed

"When I got up, it struck me, it made it hard for me.

"I did not know what sort of thing I broke, but my car was about 100 yards away.

"I called my husband and shed tears, and we only lived four miles away, so I do not remember it.

Victory in Victoria's right leg is cruel

When Victoria's house arrived, Victoria was tilted "from the knee" to the bottom.

She chose to go to a pedestrian crossing point rather than go to A & E. She gave her inflammation drugs and took her injuries.

"I played a lot of hockey, I was injured, but I never had anything like this." 40-year-old.

"It felt like a wound like oil I wound up 24/7 or throwing away my bones, and it never went out.

After the hospital, after a doctor, after a doctor, a doctor, an advisor, a consultant, I think we saw 39 people. I could not explain why I got this pain.

"Many of them were psychological, my depression became worse, and although I put it on placards, the situation got worse, I shed tears for the smallest things like a TV ad.

Victory on Victoria's right leg "A smell like meat rot"

"I suspected that I did not receive an answer, and I think that I dreamed it and that the pain inside my head."

Six months after the fall, Victoria has identified the syndrome of complex regional anguish (CRPS), usually triggered by a wound, but is usually expected to be more severe and longer-lasting.

Although considered rare, each year the United Kingdom affects some 15,000 people.

"In the end, I was relieved to label myself as a condition, and finally I made the defense," she said, "I can not prove it."

Before her wound came Victoria's playground

"I have no support, Google could not find it when Google did not have it at all."

Victoria lost her job and became a slave to her constant pain.

"If I go shopping, no one touches my legs or touches my eyes.

"But by 2005, I was looking at a wheelchair, and rain felt like acid rain.

"My husband was in an athletic sport, in a formidable way, but I always kept with the clouds of black, and I did not feel like it."

Her right foot was destroyed by Victoria's tissue and bones

In its affected section, the skin, the tissues, and the bones of the bones continued to decay by depletion.

Open sores, swelling and "elephant skin" came with a smelly odor.

"People used to smell before I saw me, and it was like a trash.

"Have I told someone that I left many occasions before I said that I should smell it?" I wanted to kill him. "

Victoria and Michael decided to wear their legs before cutting off her leg

But in August 2006 it plunged into her rock. When she was 26, she woke her eyes in Victoria's hands.

"I thought you would automatically fall into the rubbish bin if you said it automatically.

"I knew it before I burned, but I knew that I would not come with this leg, so I decided to cut it off."

In April 2006, Victoria and partner Michael decided to marry much higher than the knee on September.

Before Victoria's left leg is cut

She removed another four inches before she spread to her left leg before the 36th birthday of December 2014.

"When I came to my left side, I noticed a CRSP global expert, and he said nothing."

"It took me two days to slip my birthday and spent an intense gesture, and is not it the best way to spend?"

Viktoria's legs swell and pain in her legs, and she wins every day 57 plastic surges.

She had won her £ 2.1 from the place she worked at the place where she had fallen.

Victoria and Michael Las Vegas in December 2018 for their 40th birthday

But her fascinating impatience raises the awareness of Derbyshire Victoria Victoria Freespai, which supports the world's people.

She has launched a campaign in Parliament with Ruth George to increase research on destructive neuroscience.

"The patients with CRPS have mental health and financial problems, as well as breakdowns of marriages and families, things to forget, GP is still insufficient."

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