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This $ 1.7M mansion can be you $ 25 and is a well-written letter

CFNews.ca Staff with a Stevie Wiebe record

Published on Sunday, January 20, 2019 8:21 PM EST

Last Updated on January 20, 2019 8:53 PM EST

Write a letter, get a house.

That is the concept of selling her home, built at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, a unique feature of the Albotte homeowner.

The Canal Venture last year listed its home as $ 1.7 million. This house is located in Milwaukee, Alta, located about 65 km southwest of Calgary. It is home to a large church, about 5,000 square feet of windows and walls.

But after five months it was not sold to the market. So Wagner presented a new idea.

She was asked to pay 350 her letters to her home for 68 letters. Each applicant must submit an entry fee of $ 25.

"What should I lose?" "I do not have anything to lose," she says in CTV Calgary.

Wegner received a similar note from the film Sprite Fire Grill in 1996, similar to the United States.

She wants to attract her enough to revise the cost of selling with the write-off. Plus, the idea is to give her the right owner's house.

According to Wagner's Online Ad, 500 designers are required to complete this plan. Their letters will then be read from an independent panel of judges. One winner will be decided.

Five percent of gross profit is donated to a woman's home in Calgary.

Among the Terms: All Entry Fees The total listing price should be minimum. If Vagner gets enough access, or if the house is sold, the race will be canceled. Then the money will be released again, says Wagner.

Deceiving through presentations is a tiring task, but Wagner says he knows it is worth it.

"In this house, one family who ends up in this house will take it home and be happy and happy, I was happy before, and it's finally a nice story."

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