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Three people were killed and three wounded when the WB bus crashed at the Paddaru railway station

What Do We Know About Danger?

* Bus stops west of bus route west to bus stops at 3:50 pm friday
* Three people were killed and 23 others wounded
* Two people were killed while another was killed on the platform
* One Witness said that the bus had sunk into the bus before the bus was over
The driver of the bus has been taken into custody for questioning, the police headquarters stated. Something has been done to arrest her.
* From Traverse and Tracy's grass to the Trans-lane, from the Scott Street and Trans-lane closed
* The authorities are asking the people to distance themselves from the area
* Churchill Division of 345 Richmond Road. Those who are looking for information on family members about the collapse are open
* Ottawa Hospital received to all 12 patients and 6 general boardrooms for their crew

Passengers on the city of Kannaut Brondwood on the 269 route of OC Cones on the "Concepcian" route of OC Tons should have been an ordinary transport home at the end of a long weekend work.

Dead Twinbreak accident at Wedbrook's

But a packed double deck bus sank one and the same day when the train crashed across the Wedroro Railway line at 3:50, something went off suddenly. On the right side of the bus on the right side of the bus, the driver lost his way on the side of the van of steel and the upper roof of the glass roof which had been cut in six or seven times.

Two people standing in the bus and one on the platform were killed. 23 others were wounded. Seven of them were in danger of seriously injured lives.

The driver of the bus has been arrested.

I recall: "My God, my God, my God, I heard the driver of the bus", I remember when one of the passengers went to Scotland, Scotland, an hour after the storm.

"The bus was busy, with every seat taken, and then there were people on the middle, so they flew back." "She said.

"Everywhere there were glasses," he said, "one of them helped me, his face turned to the other side, and he had blood on his face, and he was the second from the far left.

"One person was unconscious on the road, the other person was aware of it, and it was very bad."

The police, firemen and firemen arrived at Wedbroro Station to release the wounded. Many of them are trapped in the upper deck of the bus. The police closed down at the Scott Street railway station and re-routed the buses on the transit route.

Firemen used ladders to reach the upper deck of the bus. First of all, the responses helped to cushion those who were wounded in a comfortable and comfortable way. The bus was passing through the bus stand through the upper side of the bus, causing serious injuries. Others were absent, waiting for ambulances.

Mayor Jim W. W. W. W. W. W. W.

"Speaking on behalf of my colleagues in the city council, speaking to our hearts and grieving families, families who lost their loved ones and their families, the other bus that was there, others who had conflicts with others".


Emergency legislation was declared in half an hour with an accident in the Otba hospital. It received 12 patients and six at the General Hospital at the Tsunami Center. The doctor at the Civic campus boarded the emergency room and addressed the crowd who were not supposed to break down the bus. They thanked them for their patience, and he felt that speaking to the Tridor was worse.

"We are in great danger," he explained. "There are really serious patients."

The bus driver was taken to the police headquarters and taken to the Police Headquarters on Friday night.

"I can advise you on the driver, we need to arrest her and have been transported to our headquarters for her interview," said Otto Chief Police Officer Charles Bardello. In response to the follow-up question, he said: "You can say that someone could have arrested us and taken us to the station."

She was released on Friday night.

There have been attempts to determine the accident and six people have been injured. Mr. Andrew Bordello, the Ministry of Transport and Transport in Ontario, has been involved in the investigation into Canada.

"Responding to an event of this sort is tragic, which is very difficult." "It's a mysterious sight."

269 ​​on the road Tanggie's wanderer does not stop at the direct acting jamboro stop from bicycle to its former stop. It takes nearly an hour for full-ride and most passengers come from the National Security Headquarters in Maxenschi Kings Bridge.

Second deadly incident to OC Trans-City since 2013 Since February 2013, a train passenger bus has been mired in a railway crossing near Fallowfield Road. Six people including the bus driver were killed. Both Westborough and Fallow's Buses belonged to the Alexander Dennis E500 in double-decker E500 buses at OC Trans. Transport Manager John Mansoni said that after the accident in 2013, no error was found in an investigation by the Transport Protection Board.

"The TSB report made it very clear that there is no problem with the double-decker bus by the maintenance perspective of the TSC, and we are able to carry out all the MTO tests in order to keep them in line with the needs of Ocey Psepzo." "Manson told reporters.

At Churchill's Sisters Center, the Post established a center for information for those who were looking for information about family members who could not.

moreWhat happened in Wedroro Station? A long-term investigation is expected

Advisors in the crisis department of the Ottawa police have been injured in the accident to help families and witnesses. Including the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

PM By about 8, dozens of people entered the reception center and are deeply worried about the lovers who could not contact them. As soon as the center opened, a couple reunited with their young daughter.

She arrived at the Maria Shaukee Center at Canterbury at about 7 in the morning. Her 26-year-old son was unable to get in contact with her, who was working in a town in a city center.

"He left a few hours ago," she said. She will not answer her mobile phone. It goes straight to voice mail. So we really do not believe, "she said.

"Hopefully, that's good news."

After a few days her son was called home, Haxie returned a few minutes later.

"We're so grateful," she said. "But we beseech anyone we wait, and we pray for those who have not heard anything."

For more information at the Canadian Red Cross 1-855-797-8875, please feel sorry for the loved ones in the bus stops.

The location of the Broadborough Railway Station.


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