Sunday , January 17 2021

To launch the fallout breakdown, but the 'slow, painstaking' process.

The Ottawa police are hoping to end their deadly bus accident in October, and the OC Trans Busbury bus has collapsed on Friday afternoon.

The Officer-in-Charge of the Police Headquarters, Charles Birdello, to the journalists, will be on Saturday, January 12. Cameron Graham of the Conflict Detective Unit

Bandello has been made clear, and the police are expected to unveil the vision of Saturday, while analyzing evidence, photographs, videos and data, interviewing 90 people in the bus will be a "slow, painful process".

"Excellent researchers do the job, but they need time," said Birdell.

Sgt. Graham said six of the investigators were now down. A "long, detailed and complicated investigation" is expected.

On Saturdays, the police station remained in the police station and was used to view a bird's eye view of a drone, and it was intended to determine whether any environmental factor played a role.

Data is not analyzed, and Graham has a digital drive that is stored in data.

Graham said that the speed limit is about 50 kilometers and the officials will also measure the speed of the bus when traveling to the west.

The driver of the bus was arrested and released on last Saturday. Mr. Bardello also said on Saturday Saturday that the driver's primary arrest should not make any decision.

The injured photographs or video are requested to contact the police and also request the guidance of the passengers of the bus.

While this philosophy is expected to be released on Saturday night, Bardo has said it will go to Otava and Ocee to Troyes when the reopening of the re-opens due to structural damage.

Victims yet to be identified

Mr. Bandoleo said that the victims of the conflict that last Saturday were identified as being supported by identified and supported families. But the identity has not yet been released.

The injured were admitted to the Ottawa Hospital. One of the patients was in serious condition and six others in severe condition.

The dispute between two passengers on the pavement and two passengers on the pavement on the pavement in the Western Province has already been received and the public will be informed as soon as possible.

Oathah's weekend security took into account the safety of the weekend tug-of-war, and the train of OC Trans Bhope in Barroner's OC Trans Bhop and the sixth train was killed in a public transport accident in March.

These accidents can happen, said Mr. Bordello. These services carry millions of passengers per year.

"Otava is a very safe transport system, it's a tragic event and we will continue to investigate what has happened."

Although Bordello has said that the National Transport Reserve Board breaks down, this study does not involve the collection of data for a study study on such events.

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