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Toronto Maple Leaf vs. Boston Brunswick – Game # 44 Forever and Projective Lines

Boston Bruine Team hosts Boston Bryanis They won the fifth place, and they did not defeat the World Cup for Atlantic Digital (one game for each league).

The last time, Charlie McVoy, who returned from a helicopter, ended with Sacha Heiman's face, Bruns and Leafs, and the loss for the 6-3 loss was already decided after the match ended. Heiman fought against Matt Grzelcyk, and later they took on a sports treat for his hit.

Chris Wigner retreated Morgan Reilli to some extent as a predatory game. Eventually, Ron Hainsy took off his gloves with Warner.

On Boston, players like Wagner, Barks, Chahra, Miller and Carlos are getting worse and they do not expect everyone to go out, and this leafy green leaf is expected to be the same on the same day. Needless to say, as anyone knows, what should they be physically fit for whenever they can depend on their opponent?

The Challenge of Tonight's Leaves: Avoid eating back their lunch and time over the past period. After returning December 22, Patricia Borgeron has resumed his statistical domination over the league's best line-up with Brad Marshall and David Pasteur. After his return from Burgesson, he has nine new ones. But it's very rare in a game.

England's Hamilton-Tawers-Marsh-Line / Rally-Heinz took part in the match and won the target in the match against England. They will need a lot of effort from the five of their unit, this will be a main story to focus on the solution for a green solution.

Last time, the Kings defeated Bostans. In November, Boston, Boston, was close to home at home in a winning and bidding manner in Boston. But Brauns did not have Patrick Burgheron. In the first match of the first match played in Boston, Bougainville, Bolsar won the first match in West Indies 2-1, Brunsworth. Score score.

Although it was not controlled by Bruhns, they were usually made recent, but they were getting a good goal at 5-at-5. On the 10th of June between Iuka Rusk and Jaroslav Halik, Tunis Rashk and reserves accounted for 926 percent. Meanwhile, both green eyelets are in the right direction. William Nylanger is once again listed as a percentage of the Chrisys since early December. % Of Scorpion Korah.

The leaves were left to Friedrich Anderson tonight. But he is still worse offense and will not be relegated tonight after exercise due to fever. Michael Hutchinson, Kasimir Qassiro will support him for the fifth match.

Game Quotes

Bryant's head coach Bruce Cassidy (Leafs & heavyness) and their overall style:

You can change the way you describe it from team to team. Washington is heavyweight. They have large bodies that are in them and are difficult to protect. It's too heavy on Toronto packets. They will not be like some groups. But they are stronger on the packets when they get it. Like Marnard – I do not know how frightful I am, but take a packet from a little kid. He is a huge game with Parker – a strong game with a park – and we try to fight him physically against the rules in the rules of the sport, and he's still strong on it.

When I go they will describe them as different types of weights. We want to make sure that we have a packaged package. When we reach our success – when we do not return it immediately. We have to protect things. Their speed is, but I say that they are faster than heavy loads, obviously.

I do not want to classify them. I think that this group or team can not be said to be a burden. That's right, me, how they play and if they are successful, they are strong on strong packets. Then they are heavy.

Mike Babcock has made a similar challenge to Brunson's teams, such as Washington and Minnesota:

No, I do not think so. I am different from Boston. I think [they] Make a quick game. They are actually sent to prepare them for voice. They depend on their power. They actually have a couple in the mobile phone but they have a good security and you're getting harder on it. When I'm in style, the style is as perfect as I tell the truth to you.

After joining Michael Hutchinson's Babbock team:

I think his career is going on everyday. It is harder than Histent. There are only two jobs, so it's really hard for a man. In other words, to be a founder of NHL, you must be a physically and mentally special person. It's even when you look at the startup [up and down]. It's difficult for them. You need to lend him a lot. He looks really good, he is really tiring, and he gives us an opportunity when he plays.

About Pubbs Burgeron:

He has been deprecated from the charts. I have a lot of respect for him. He is a good family, a good person. I had him for the first time at the age of 18 or 04 at 04 [World Juniors]. I've had him many times. He can do anything – right-wing game, he can play centrally, he can be punished, punished, and played in power. He can change anyone who plays with him. He's super smart. He's the team's conscience. Jonathan is not different from Ocean. Make them well.

Torrent lines


# 18 Andreas Johnson – # 34 Austen Mathews – # 24 Casan Kopanne
# 12 Sak Haen – # 91 John Tawers – # 16 Mit Man
# 12 Patrick Maruo – # 43 Nassam Cadre – # 29 William Nuit
# 26 Park Linggom – # 33 Friedrich Gothiere – # 28 Corner Brown


# 44 Morgan Reilly – # 2 Rock Hindi
# 51 Jake Gardener – # 22 Nikita Sites
# 23 – Therese Dermat – # 92 Igor Ozhiganov


# 30 Michael Hutchinson
# 50 Casimir Kassiso

Injured Tyler vestis (chopped ankle), Friedrich Anderson (fever), Garrett Spark (Ketia)
Martin Marquin, Justin Gaal

Boston Bryon projector lines


# 63 Brad Marshall – # 37 Patrice Burger – # 88 Dad Pastrake
# 74 Jake Debresk – # 47 David Crazi – # 42 David Back
# 43 Donton Hainain – # 23 Jacob Salek-Carlson – # 17 Ryan D'Addato
# 52 Shaun Cureley – # 55 Noel Axiary – # 14 Chris Wagner


# 47 Torrey Kreg – # 25 Brandon Carlo
# 33 Zdeno Chara – # 73 Charlie McAvoy
# 48 Matt Grzelcyk – # 86 Kevin Miller


# 40 Tuok Rusk

Injured Northeastern Wakenings, Joachim Nordstrom

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