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What does NHL, new tracking data for fans, and gaming mean?

San Jose vs. On Friday night, there was a sufficient reason for staying in the T-Mobile. In the Pacific, they have been pursuing similar Turbulent Collier Piles and have played together in both groups.

But there is something else going on. When the game starts, several of us are watching an iPad. On-screen is a prototype designed for the NHL designed by Butennes, provides live data casinos, sports programs and leagues for gaming purposes.

At 1:34 in the morning, Sharq's hero Martin Jones Ryan Reeve Thomas blamed no one. Suddenly, it's a golden knights.

One time disappear on the module. When they return, they have changed to reflect those signs. Would you like what you saw for 94 seconds? Since it's a new world again, check again.

Chris Dougen, the communication director of the Genesis sports team, laughs at my reaction.

He says "data is oil". "Algorithm is the engine."

With hosts Elliott Friedman and Jeff Murray with the world's largest hockey news weekly, new episodes are held every Thursday deep in weekly news.

I'm Brett Hudden.

Draw a virtual real-motor keychain, and I'm suddenly staying out of Ranger's Centennial Lance Loggia.

The owner of the equipment, Sunder Shoeton, co-founder of a Dutch firm, Baden-Exports, says "low". When I do, I will stumble my feet. The play is continuing, and a decision has been taken at the Golden Edge Blue Line's Hidden Golden Line. Packet is coming towards him.

Shortman tells me to look around and, suddenly, I can see how he can make his choice. His unique reality is an experience I've had, a choice of a player and seeing the game in their eyes. (If you like, see Lego People instead of "real" men.) It can be used with a training device. It can be used as part of the broadcast.

Shakespeare's current current clientele is Fox Sports. He plays a VR medal in the Premier League between Chelsea and West Ham. One athlete shoots a bad shotgun. Analysts can show how the viewer can see the player changing the angle of the video.

So, do you have any value for NHL's data, I ask?

"Verily," the briefman replies.

The rational-gold-knights-fantasy trading

Legs Night Golden Nights Max Passionate. (Graham Hues / CP)

These two Golden Nights were two games this week. Rangers and Jupiter on Thursdays Thursday. With the approval of the NHLPA, players from all teams used their observational chips in their journals, and specially designed packs (with a chip). Invited to participate in other NHL clubs. How to collect data and distribute data and ask questions.

This happened, and the massive CES congress also took place at Las Vegas.

By the Consumer Technology Association, CES will have 190,000 attendees, more than 4,400 exhibitors and 1,000 speakers. CES is the Can-t-miss event if you want to see where the world is heading. NHL was used to invite more than 100 players to the game. Technology was established at several places to create technology.

The most important thing to understand is if you want to play and play someone else – or, if there is anyone, you will be able to do it – no debate, no unrealistic reality. NHL and NHLPA do not want to quarrel with anyone of such kind. But if you want a different experience, greetings to all young generations. The good news is coming.

Honestly, I have more opportunities than I understood. As a result, there is much to learn.

"What you can do is wondering," said NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daley. "See where we're going from."

All the stars expect the news to be over the weekend

The NHL will announce its carnival and Park-Tracking plans. Commissioner Gary Bechtton was determined to work it. The word is a significant financial investment for research and development.

"We've made statistics on this," he said. "The dedication of the owners demonstrates their faith in our vision."

"(Of course, the Commissioner) we have been told that information can not be" available for real time, "David Levanty, senior vice president, NHL of Business Development and Global Partnership.

Is he content?

"Yes," replies to Betton before continuing. "At first we saw this broadcast, and we did not know when we started that we would go to legal gambling."

However, at times, the wind was rapidly flowing.

NLL Nelson shared research data with the NHL. It was shown by those who had visited several football matches more than those who did not. The betting rate has increased from 75% to 80%, and it has deposited unprecedentedly.

Some examples of the explorer's recipe that is part of Benges is:

Is the next target?

Is the next target faster or slower than 88 meters? (The primary key is to change the bitrate to the required size)

Which area will the next target be?

When visiting the New Zealand peak in England, an unhappy reason for gambling was the lack of hockey in the game.

Is there a difference in this kind of sport? Yes, by ffl numbers.

"We saw in the Premier League," Duagnan added. "This is an intent, it is an intervention."

Bet on a bus

Before the start of the game in Las Vegas, I'm Toronto. I'm standing on a computer monitor on New Jersey. After two more periods, it's 3-2 Maple Leafs. Click on the top right side of the screen 40 minutes from the top.

"North American business development chief Shaheer Earn has said that" 263 games are ready for WSC games in the United States. "

(I will not allow Arnon to take a photo of the screen, he is not alone, no one reveals his secrets).

He said: "The things that we proclaimed are people's reapers."

The plays are meaningful.

"We are not adding television images."

The second option is to highlight a large library. I'll tell him, give me a package with Mitchev Marne and John Tavers (yes, I know this is an incompatible choice for non-offensive fans). You can determine how long you need it. He's gone for three minutes. You can also choose the search conditions.

The WSC customers include NBA, its individual teams and the Turner Sports. Now, many of you get a text message from your smartphone or tablet. He likes to wake up the video to your program.

He talked about the night, staple kari NBA big competition. But there were six plots in Utah in Getty, Geible, in France. They kept Google Obert's restaurants available to French customers. It was noticed by customers that it was better than Kary's performance.

It resonates in the International League, such as the NHL. Advertising with that knowledge can be targeted.

"Do NHL data have more value?" I'm asking.

Ernon answers: "These details are real value for money and real investments."

Can that value?

"It really needs to be resolved," says Buttman.

He is not weird. A person who knows more than this and says that they are not sure where they are going. There's a lot of energy and enthusiasm. However, it is clear that the busses are going to drive the busses.

All about NHLPA?

If one had a cold water in this experiment, the players were. We have found that we have forgotten about gambling, index, virtual reality, emphases and data.

The risk for athletes is that they are affected by wounds and are used during slow conversions. As part of the NHL / NHLPA agreement, nothing can be observed in the payroll test by observing the data.

Mathieu Schneider, a special assistant at NHLPA. "If you still stand still, you will not retreat, in every game it happens, you can not avoid it."

"We all use the same numbers, at least if you are being judged, we will do all the data with the same data, and the more accurate information."

According to the NHL, nearly 18 teams went to league. Talking people say that this will be very useful for their team. Once they find out how to find a bunch of amazing data.

One spokesman said: "It will be huge." One can not use it correctly at the beginning. "

Another one will open the code for good employees in the code. "(Every organization) will require depth, people with high-ranking capabilities."

When the project is inevitable, it is uncertain. Perhaps not for the start of the years 2019-20, but in some cases it. take your time. There can be no false starts. It must be corrected.

Not everyone will have fresh water

In the 2016 World Cup for the Columbus-based "Star-Star" and the 2011 Hockey Club, the packet was now a bit different. Previously, Infrarot technology used holes in their sides.

"It's a good way," said Lahanki. "But the appearance of no one likes."

Butman warns producers that they do not want to see a hack breakdown twice.

Enter a German based company, Gigoo, which generates hardware and software that generates real time data for group games.

"We looked at football, but gave a good opportunity for growth in North America," says Jomo's founder and CEO, Martin Bakmeer. "We arrived at the NHL three years ago and we had a challenge, we could do anything if we could do a hockey game."

The challenge? Create "new" packages that can withstand impacts, cold, blasting ice surfaces – disturbing accurate timing data. The backcourt opened a packet, but it does not allow a photo to be taken. In the Al-Star announcement, a video is expected to play one form of one.

"We need to create a new rubber recipe," said Mr. Basmuree. "The other was carbon, and we could not get a signal.

I was always concerned about the cost. The World Cup was between $ 150 and $ 200. It's not no longer, and the sources that show that we are down to $ 50 and expect to fall less.

Schneider claimed that some players could see a difference and that others could not.

"When everything is scattered, everything will be established," he says.

Before doing it, the NLL team hockey team was worn out as test subjects in the chips. They were positioned on the men and women cleaning the ice during the commercial break.

"When we come out of one of the pockets of one of Sony's sony planets and see how far the signal is," said Lahanki.

The teams carry their sensors for teams, and will receive about 50 of each group, so each player has their own chip. Every decorative room has a charging room.

Each arched wall has an anchor 12-14 antenna and below the bread from the bread or from the four to six ice (for extraction). According to Leonhardy, there is hope of overseeing spell checking.

Data from the Jogmo's Chips will be provided to the server hosted by the SMT-developed top-of-the-line yellow NFL-developed company. (It also purchased stratheas designed by the NHL, an old brighter grid.)

How many players were running an SMT expositor for a critic, how much he played, his last transfer, and how long did he have each team?

The final at Brisbane ended on Thursday 4:12. He has only 22,437 feet more than one group per mile. Sharks was packed in 43 years of age. Meanwhile, Golden Knights are about 26 percent of the Sun Jouys. Again, all of these have come from raw data.

Information to NML and NHLPA will be sent to MML and HLLP. Who will decide who will be the players. The business is coming from that place.

Everybody wants to earn income, this is a cute and cautious water.

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