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What is the highest purity? Beatriz or Eugeni?

There is no doubt that the royal family has a large amount of money. But they depend on the royal state. Princess Beatrice and Aegina Princess have a lot of money. But not their royal cousins. More valuable than the other.

On 18 January 2013, in Hanover, Germany, Princess Beatrice and Princess Princess come to David McAllister. Princess Beatrice and Aegina Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Beatriz and Euigny Prince William and Prince Harry are cousins

If you have heard of Beatriz and Eugeni, they certainly do not know who they are, and you are not alone. They are cousins ​​of William and Harry. Prince Charles and their father Prince Andrew are brothers. Will and Harry are two of the most famous youngsters. Their father will one day be a king. Beatris and Eugene have focused on the outside, but they know better when they are older. Even though they are not the most important royalty, they do not have as much money as their cousins ​​but they are still very valuable.

Both gave at least $ 1 million in their parents' divorce

When both Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced, both girls are very young. However, when their parents were divided, they received large sums of money. According to the refineries, every couple, with Sarah, ended up spending a lot of money when all the couples divorce. (According to some reports, it is about $ 4 million, others think that it is at least $ 1 million) .These girls had even tied their shoes to millions. However, it has been reported that more money was received than Yugoni's brother, but that does not explain.

They have a job because the two women do not work royally – and Legiony is recently married

According to pure value, there are several things that women have set aside. First, if Eugeni really took out the farewell of Beatriz's parents after spending the divorce, she would move on according to her sister's net worth. The queen received an additional amount from both men to become her grandchild. Also, the two women do not work royal. They will be common people to engage in ordinary work. However, Aajan spends at least $ 100,000 per year as a director of art in London. She says she costs $ 145,000. She spends more than the Beatriz. Eugene has recently been married, and marriage has a bearing on net worth. In October 2018, he married Nick Brooksbank, Ambassador of Carbon Jobs in Texarkana.

Beatriz's net worth is $ 4.6 million. But the amount of money is another $ 4.8 million

These two conspiracies are of equal value, and, according to estimates, Uulici is a little more than her eldest sister. The refinery's 29 is reported to be around Eugenie's 4.8 million dollars, with Beatriz counting an estimated net worth of $ 4.6 million. Since the value of both of these values ​​has become royal, the value of the net value is small because the queen has received close to that amount. When Beatrij gets married, her net worth will change, but is now less than her younger sister.

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