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When Carni did not want to build a gigantic tomb, he was dragged out of the cockella

Konye Westcott removes him
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How did we like this? Strong Times the letter.

Earlier this month revealed Cannon mask It was a headline in the year Kōcellā. After being unable to reach agreement on the stage for the Ripper and the Festival, West of Australia left.

The controversial information has been finally revealed, and it seems that after the fateful period of the festivities, the construction of a vast tomb was reduced from the west.

No, we're not kidding.

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TMC earlier this month. According to an organization report, the West decided to hold this year's event due to a platform of 40 × 60 feet.

The reason for the decision to go to the West, as the report states, was "artistic limitation" of the stage.

A source close to Ripper told TMS: "The 40 × 60 stage is quite antique, Shakespeare's work is a kind of stage that took place hundreds of years ago."

At present it is unique with Bilbrubo and it was revealed that it was the last time the co-founder Paul Tollatt created the stage.

Apparently, Cain did not feel Cochleel's main platform. Instead, he demanded a tent-filled tent that was placed in the reception hall of the stadium.

There will be shooting in the center of the West at the center. The top-end product and the ultimate video will be defeated.

Senior Executive Officers and Mr. Golden Voice explained to the West that such a platform could not be completed within four months. The request could shift the Asian Games to a full extent and to a larger section of the bathroom.

According to Billboob, "For the hard-working, he does not have time to talk about harpoon-tapping, claiming to be a painter with a creative vision."

The Reporter heard the news angrily. Then he was suddenly on the phone.

Tollatt and Glounovis slaughtered the same day in Slither Breda.

Before the end of the day, Ariana Grand replaced the Kanyi West at the Kokellah Line.

It's not Kochella's first official ban on the demand for the tabernacle traditions. Apparently, Repa lifted his head to his remains until he asked for his request.

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