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Who is the CES 2019 winner? no one. – Quarts

When the hectic week for the world's largest Gaddies show has passed, Quartz's time has come to an end. We ate delicious fake meat. More than a dozen robots watch TVs larger than our homes, and we can deliver 4,400 CES exhibitors.

In the past few years, we considered Ces as the winner of a company or product. In our opinion, what is to be used in the consumer electronics philosophy: we believe that new technology, the horizon, will have an external effect on our lives. This year, we did not feel that we had anywhere. Here's why?

Who won CES? No one

The CES theme, a theme that has been two of the richest companies in the world, is Google and Amazon, which will fight the sale of their essential assistants, assistants and Alexa, respectively. Companies that have time-consuming business on the quality of their products suddenly were able to determine the characteristics of their devices in line with Amazon or the Google ecosystem. The result is Bell's independent helicopter concept, some 8K television televisions and a few smartphones, like the new HTC headset. Nothing was enough to declare the Congress as the "winner".

More than a decade ago, the smartphone revolutionized the smartphone's communication and living style. But now every phone is actually good (even cheap), and it's very difficult to change its supplies without making any changes to the manufacturer. Instead, tech companies have focused on replacing new devices with your pocket and focusing more on them around you.

Sadistic company: Google still

Like last year's search, a giant search for a giant Google Companion is a searchable gem, and the city's full costume, amusement park, and large little machine filled with free stomachs. Google hired hundreds of people in the white Google Apps Jambst and Google Partners' stall.

AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin

Gogoan is one of Google's most popular ads.

Treatment for a Normal Car: Adr

The automotive companies are ready for the future, and more than driving drivers are more fun than driving it. Among the entertainment companies for entertainment, Disney is with Disney with Disney. Audi Sadden has become a footstep It can shock and be shocked with the performance of a movie that is watching a passenger.

To reveal how they want to drive each car in a self-employed car, a swift car has been used to show tomorrow what tomorrow will be. Mike Everybody tried to write He has seen, and the great number of participants at this technical conference is still amazing, especially the North American International Exhibition at Detroit, taking into account the world's most important motor shows starting on January 14.

The show is tasty: invisible food

Food-tech Impossible Foods is more interesting and better than its lab. It is a novel recipe for its flesh. The new recipe is to be sold at retail outlets and cooked cooked cooked by domestic arrack. It's more than burgers: served with cookies, empanadus, tatara and meatballs.

The most productive product: DS3

Procter & Gamble, one of the world's largest consumer packing products manufacturers, has unveiled or has unveiled a range of cleaning products not requiring new clean and non-plastic packaging. Small type explosions, known as DS3, are activated when stored in water. By now the company has checked products on Indiegogo. As P & G is designed, P & G designs can eliminate tons of tonnes of water and plastic waste, making it easier to transport more expensive bottles than water-based soaps and detergents.

Sources Hydro-propane

The board does not affect power. But the environmental vapor in the air is converted to pure water. Zero Mass Water manufactures, works in humanitarian efforts and even works on public works. Conceptually, it is the great dehydration process for the preparation of water for the purification of water. The promise of infinitely clean water without the need for infrastructure can be a changing world.

The biggest wonder: Samsung is now a robotic company

Samsung always produces every electronic gadget in the sun, usually a traditional product, such as conventional products, washing machines, televisions and telephones. This year, CES's largest announcement was a new section on Robotics. The company was exhibited by three robots, and three Ezosculons were used to support individuals with mobile figures. Samsung, which claims to have worked for the Korean company for more than six years, is unable to buy this year, but underscores a new direction because it focuses on their well-being.

Quartz / Dave Gersharon

Samson Robert CES 2019 in Nevada, Las Vegas.

Samson's tough and cunning Bottom Robot Robot traces their drugs, observes their patients, and sends information to their doctors. The company was not able to confirm whether it operated through US approval procedures (HIPAA Compliance or Food and Drug Administration approval), but it may be premature to think ahead.

Samsung has marketed the robot and can be used by customers to place and distribute a shopping experience or to help customers find a product. Far from being the only company working on products like Gamma. But a few of them have the resources of Samsung.

5G will finally come

The CES theme is always "over". High resolution, faster thumbnails, large screens. So, every major technology company is convinced that it supports 5G, and the connectivity technology focuses on providing "more" to customers. 5G, that is, the fifth generation of the wireless cell network. Explore our 4K video on our smartphones and utilities, download a movie in one second, and write more powerful and powerful apps.

Although there are 5G of telecom and tech companies on the 5G, it will be a difficult task for the customer. Its fast-moving infrastructure depends on a honeycomb, which means jumping from 4G to 5G from a carrier carrier. The cover can be loaded very quickly, and it can be a very expensive service first.


Quartz reporters Dave Gurshurne, Mike Murphy and Ashley Rodriguez spent the last five days in Las Vegas. Here's a quick fix about what we did:

  • Quartz reporters are miles away: 88.38
  • CES Daily Bryffs wrote: 4
  • The dollar lost gambling: $ 2
  • Dollar Gambling: $ 48
  • Casino tour: 12
  • Used battery charging power: 32,387 milliamp hours
  • Events: 17
  • Events disappeared: 27

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