Sunday , January 24 2021

YouTuber Logan Paul goes on a fire

By Brandon Vo

2 hrs ago

This week he acted in his citation of a popular person and popular Internet personality, Logan Paul, Not necessary.

23-year-old social media-sensitive journalists are discussing trends such as the "Shannon Vahan January" and "The Deadly February," with some of the recent novelists discussing with Mike Lowell, referring to drinking alcohol and returning meat to eating.

"A little boy," he continued, laughed. "We will try homosexual behavior for a month."

"It's horrible that Lonely is talking about homosexuality for about a month and unbending LGBT + unbridled sex and their sexuality." Danielle defended the media personality of society.

"Homosexuality is not a choice, a homosexual is not a stage and should not be used for the profession and the contributions." Disney Channel Stark Sky Jackson. "Lagoon's Poland."

GLAAD even responded: "It's not working."

Paul wrote in a letter Friday's letter to G-d AD's TV. Let's talk about a bit of a week at a week. "

Last year, he published a YouTube Post Commentary showing the corpse of a suicide guy in japan. The video was deleted and created a dedicated video for suicide and suicide-prevention education and prevention.

"I know that I have been wrong, I know that I have downgraded people," he said. "But what if the opportunity to help change in the world? The time to learn from the past is better than me, grow better than I am."

"I know that I'm criticizing everything I'm doing right now, and it's going to be the result of reaction, because I'm very polar," he later said. "You love me, or you hate me … I'm not going anywhere."

Public interviewer. Fudditty and Broadway Buffet Bush at Manhattan. Hate Hate Hatred.


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