Thursday , January 28 2021

97-year-old journalist Alberto, Fortin Mapco and Clarine die the National

A veteran journalist died 97 years ago Alberto "Gato" GambiaFormin Director of Fortin Mapocho and Clarin.

This information was verified by the relatives of the professionals. Gamu was in the clinic in Dawila.

He was the founder of the Chile Journalists' Association and was very important at national journalism.

His busy career has earned him the National Journalism Award in 2017.

Treat yourself as an author of the owner's reminder "He was running alone and the second" In the report of Fatinaine Mapaco in 1988, Agustino Pinochet was defeated in Plasencia.

Foaming MapOcho |
Foaming MapOcho |

During the military dictatorship, he was arrested and tortured. This difficult experience will produce his witness book Walking through hell (1984).

He won independence in 1976. He then made a variety of trading arrangements to save himself as a laborer in the construction of a part of a Santiago Metro.

The response to his death was not long. Via social networks Guillermo TaylorThe Communist Party Chairman devoted a message to the late journalist.

Our sincere condolences on the death of Alberto "Gato" Gomb's death: The National Journalist Award for Excellence in Professionalism and Journalism. A very close and respected friend, "wrote Tyler.

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