Tuesday , July 27 2021

According to studies, orthodontics do not have long-term oral health

Sydney (Australia), January 21 (EFE). According to a study published in Australia, dental hygiene is not guaranteed long-term oral health contrary to widespread belief that this treatment can help prevent tooth decay.

"According to studies, non-optometrists who do not have long-term oral health without long-term oral health care, said Ada Djemrmani, of Adelaide University.

Domestics Research on the Community Dentistry and Oral Disease epidemic is a frequent treatment for patients who are advised to have their disease in the future to prevent a patient's disease.

However, out of the 448 patients who were between the ages of 13 to 30, it was revealed that there were no major differences between those who had not been treated with Kidney Disease and those who did not receive treatment.

Oftodonkinone treatments are gaining in popularity, and in 2023, the world is expected to earn $ 6,000 million (€ 5,744 million) profit globally.

"The evidence from this research makes it clear that teeth do not always rotate teeth, prevent tooth decay, and dentistry," says Doggsix.

"Tooth teeth do not stop deterioration." EFE

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