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Obstacles Anabela Mysl Since 2010, in the United States, no one in any of the national football games has heard of it. The manager generates a variety of ideas, but can always enter into the sports, political or economic agenda.

However, fans who have condemned or praised the Top Dealers of Cole Colo is not very aware of his life story.

it Blacho and Negro, ex-President He came from Syria at the age of six His father's decision was a man aged 6 years old with his father-in-law, who collected money to go to Chile. Remember your life in the Middle East

"We are poorI was happy, although we were never imperfect. There was a place in the house. But the roof was also used to sleep. In an interview with Zambido de L. Murauro, the leader explained that there was a great life in the streets.

While in Chile, Hannibal was recruited by her brothers for Fryer Alto School for 10 years, and former President Albo refused to study at the age of 13.

"When I told him, he walked in. He started," Yes, start! "I asked him what? Shop, Street, Go Home, Come Back!" So I left, "he remembers. He never went to school.

Then in May 1984, Mother died at his mother's death in Miami. "Somebody beat them behind. My mother was canceled at the moment"Narates Alibal Mosaic.

Two years later, his father was also in a car accident. Blanco Nego's director claims that his family lived in difficult times.

"We were doctors, therapists, and we were empastillarnos to see the vaccine: it was frightening. Imagine that we did not consider our mother dead when our dying died.

From there Anabela Mysl Remember that there is a collapse in family life. One of his party traders dated a day or took fisheries for underworld. From 2014 it will be immersed in parts of it, including Blanco y Negro SA, part of it. The main shareholders of the organization.

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