Wednesday , January 27 2021

Alon Musk is a ship to Mars' Mars Mars

It appears that space X has been systematically modified to reach Mars. Twitter.

The same is shared in that social network StarsThat is, the spacecraft, they plan to reach the Red Planet.

Massk television is a clear image and no entertainment. However, Try this small experimentNot a ship that arrives in the future Mars and Lunar.

Also, the founder of Space X revealed that the first flying tests could be carried out in February and March, and will be similar to Falcon 9 ships.

These tests consist of raising the ship down and down to the bottom.

Twain Twitter Jenny Purple returns to the window of the automobile on Twitter's web site by Alon Mask Twitter.

It will be the orbit version intended to travel to Mars The company's largest spacecraft is scheduled to be completed by 2022For the spacecraft it planned to launch a spacecraft.

Also, in 2023, the stars made their way to 100 flyers.

Although this project intends, it can often be different. But the truth is that the company is working to achieve the proposed objectives.

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