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Anticipated games for Nintendo Switches that we can enjoy in 2019 8 | Technology

It took place two years after the March 2017 March Nintendo switch For a video gamer, it is a real eye-opener.

In recent years, the Japanese company has lost much of the industry, not a mystery of anyone. Due to weak sales Wii U.

In the last days, important games such as Nintendo are deeply shocked by the market Porkyon We pick pic / yyy, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate and Super Mario Party, This year in 2019 we are surprised.

In the course of these 12 months, the Grand Console will only have a unique topic, but we will be able to enjoy other third-party supplies.

Do you want to know what these games are? Here is a list of many prospects.

1- New Super Mario Bros. In Deluxe

AM: January 11

The first issue made by Nintendo for his first followers came this Friday.

Let's mention New Super Mario Bros. In Deluxe, We're a full version of the earlier game of Wii U.

We can enjoy this expansion in the event The new Super Lugi 2, In addition to including a new character. As mentioned above, it has coins fight, booster shots and challenges Morse.

2- Treasures again: There are no heroic heroes

AM: January 18th

Pharisee Todden, a Japanese animation and video player fan, glorifies and glorifies Treasures again: There are no heroic heroes.

The head of the event moves through various sports, with which he has to remove several challenges Errors Road

He was armed with him Beam Katana, Travis will have to live in various worlds in which he will have to end with his superiors.

3- The world of Yoshiki

AM: Spring 2019

Mario's trusted friend can not get out of the games we see soon, in Nintendo's.

The beloved dinner will do so The world that Yoshiki created The title of the side-pull platform.

If you are one of those who do not want to play alone, you will know that it complies with cooperative multimedia.

4- Fire Eclipse: Three Houses

AM: Second round

After the release of a 2007 release of a gigantic Fire Emblem release for Wii in 2007, we did not have a schedule for the console (only for laptops).

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2018) Fire Eclipse: Three Houses Major therapists will focus on the four. Bilt, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.

That's it Strategic RPG Adds new principles in strategy to fight through conventional turns.

For example, when a player controls a unit, it will be offered to fight a large army battle.

5- Mortal Kombat XI

AM: April 23

It was in the framework Game Awards When it officially announces Mortl Kombat 11.

In parallel with this anticipated announcement, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherNeal Studios presented a bloody and brutal trailer.

Further details about the game have not yet been released, but its developers have discovered a new system Customize changesPersonalize the fighters.

From 6 The Sonic Racing Team

AM: May 21

If you are lovers of racing and especially if the audience is sonic, this game is for you for sure.

Sega created by Digital and distributed by Sega, The Sonic Racing Team There are 15 characters from the famous blue hedge universe.

This premium includes various types of "invasion mode". You have a "StoryMotion" and "Team Racing".

7-inch It is eternal

AM: Not verified

Beethast published the first person in the E3 episode last week at the Shooter's New Speise Mercy, Will continue the story of Doom Slayer.

The game is called It is eternalIt will install it on Earth, invaded by demons in the early game, eventually breaking all obstacles preventing them from returning.

The developers of the game have mentioned that it has new capabilities, weapons and demons. We can expect a whole new thing because we see that we have not seen any of the series in the series.

8- Final fantasy

AM: Not verified

For the happiness of a few Square square Enis Various names of the announcement were published Final fantasy They will come to Nintendo in 2019.

Final Fantasy XII: Social era In the Nintendo console that it produced, it comes to the final fantasy 7, 9, 10 and other supplies – its version – the default version.

By now, we do not know any specific starting dates.

Other sports are expected to arrive by 2019 Pokemon RP And, perhaps, a new distribution Meṭroyiḍ. However, we still do not know what we will not include on this list.

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