Thursday , January 28 2021

Apple tolling and future cars

The destination will not be reached. The technical tools that revolutionize the transportation and rehearsals have already been here and a full tent dedicated to the future in CES 2019 in future.

# CES2019 The Most Exciting Accessories (Part 9): Do We Need This?

Mattak and Ponton were there, and we have seen the latest version of some of the projects we've been running for years. That is, with Bell HeliCopera, with the "Uber Flying Track", "CES 2019 Best" prize; They also met an automobile designed by Gorogs' sister, Chrysler and Veemo.

Another remarkable feature was the Mercedes-Benz futuristic concept car, but for concept cars, there are only a few of them, and here we have. From CES 2019, this "future for travel" is being made easy and enjoyable. Moreover, we were unable to view the visuals we have installed Apple to seize its competitorsDo not miss it.

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