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Argentine health authorities are at risk of spreading the Hantavirus virus

At the beginning of December last year, Paphosan city, Epenay, 1,700 kilometers from Buenos Aires, in the Argentine province of Argentina, An explosion of HUNA pathogens transmitted by long-hooked mice. 9 more people have died and authorities are compelled to prevent further infections.

This is what they are right now The death toll is 26, According to the last official statement, on January 11.

Judge Martin Sachinho, the criminal judge of the City of Colombo, issued an order this Friday Is isolated for 30 days 85 suspected of involvement with neighbors who tested positive for Hantzaurus were suspected of being involved with 85 people living in Enpain.

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In their annual appreciation of the Florida coast,

it They will not be able to leave their homes or stay in the guests A six month jail sentence of not being compliant with the court order may serve two years in prison, and local authorities are responsible for ensuring the health, food and social needs of these people.

After the unrest in the mountainous region, the Eupen authorities decided Suspension of all meetings for 40 days; This time corresponds to the estimated time of the virus's symptoms. Meetings held in the town of Lütmen should not take for more than 20 minutes for their requirements.

She works in Chile

Like Argentina, hantavirus Implemented the Chilean government's response, Particularly in areas bordering Chubut North. They were established in the Chilean communes of Plana and Futalufu A sanitary barrier After the first domestic trial, BioBioChile is shown.

That's it She had to go to hospital due to her health. Lance Terzera says that the woman had contacted a friend from Pelena from Epineen and that she was unwittingly infected with the virus.

In Chile, there is a significant presence in the southern regions, with an endemic and negative presentation of the Hunteravida, but the governor of Llanduyiyus, Lechia Oyars, warned. Now it has become more famous. In addition to exaggerating the information and education concerns, Chilean authorities have quickly identified the virus and has increased the number of expeditions.

Information Technology Random virus

There are no vaccines or specific treatments against Hantarray today. This disease is transmitted by contact with sliva, sword, or urine, which is infected with mice, and can once again be dried with evaporation and compounding. Suffering with a vibrator or direct contact with the transmitter of the virus is an acute illness that attacks the lungs and the lungs.

The basic symptoms are similar to fever: Fever, muscle pain, nausea, Headache, vomiting, perhaps abdominal pain and diarrhea. A few days later Breathing difficultiesIn the end, it will get worse. The Chubite Ministry of Health points out that it is rarely Hantavirus causes heart disease If it leads to death, it can be a deadly result if it is not treated at the right time.

Argentina's health authorities do not conclude on the hypothesis that a current blast would transmit a person to a person. In the South Asian region, strain erupted. It was 30% and 50% of the estimated deadly result for this Hunt virus.

National Health Administration Laboratories and Institutes (ANLIS) are now attempting to determine the viral genetic and human genetic sequences.

From 2013 to 2018, 111 deaths were reported in Argentina. Four indigenous zones are: Northern (Salta, Jujuy), Center (Guggenese Ayers, Santa Fe, Etro Ríos), Northeast (Mithras) and Sir (Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut).

Source: RT

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