Sunday , January 17 2021

Besoz's divorce is $ 136 billion in Amazon

announced Divorce Of Jeff Beaux There are many Suspicious On the model Divide his FortunateEstimated $ 136 billion is estimated and potential implications AmazonHe is the first shareholder.

This former wife, formerly Maccassi tattoo, met him earlier in 1992 Financial Not so yet, as happened later, a Entrepreneur Millions of people turned their lives around.

After her first expedition, her first name, Tut, lived with Jeff Beaux Seattle The achievement of the empire in 1994 Online commerce, Amazon's introduction to the House garage.

She is in fact by January, January 2019 The world's richest womanAfter the announcement Separation After 25 years. Couple marriage, The birth of three children and the fourth.

According to the well-known information website ṬīemesJeff and Maxensi did not have Get engaged

it Society In September 1993, it was published in Florida Documents AFP was asked, but it was the last place Residence In the United States, he takes into account the divorced one.

Seattle and Washington, Texas, and Beverly Hills (California) have lived in Beshos, but according to the defense attorney Randall Kessler Kessler and Solominie, Atlanta, in the same location Management Procedure It can be predicted at any time discussions They will be tough.

"In some states of the system Product community The principle of the other A reasonable divisionThat is, the proportional distribution. But even in them it is usually 50-50. "

16% of Amazon's capital controls, but it's just that Major shareholder The luck of Jeff Bechos essentially consists Parts He is still the leader he founded today.

Acceptance of Values Actions His participation in Thursday's Thursday night was $ 136 billion, $ 130 billion Heritage.

One Allocation of goods Therefore, in the context of divorce, it will necessarily result Sampath Investment DivisionJeff Bizz remains 8% of the capital.

This perspective is not worried Markets, Is the excerpt of that section Nasdaq In New York, he lost several dollars Wednesday, which he lost Thursday.

Investor DOG CAS, However, he said that his shares had been sold after declaring them divorced.

Announcement of the announcement Separation A tone of voice was issued Tuesday, ensuring that Jeff and McKissy were "dear friends".

A trust Or in other legitimate agreements, the two wives may be in agreement when they have a husband and wife agreement Participation Maintaining the same weight of share ownership in Amazon.

Another chance Sharing of voting rights, MacKee will inherit half of what is necessary to control a company PartsProfessor of Laws at Law of IUPUI, Margaret Rozan.

"Jeff Beisho's right to vote is not important right now A minority shareholder"Margaret Racner said." Most of him Effects Founder and Chief Executive of Amazon. "

Of course, it may be necessary Conflict divorce Accordingly, the view for Amazon will be dim Public property Public relations

Weekly National Enquirer The relationship between Patrick White's wife and Besos, Hollywood's most powerful representative, reported Thursday.

This connection which started eight months ago will be canceled marriage Recently agreed to deal with justice summoned for the presidency of the US, recently by Donald Trump's former friend, David Pacher, in a tabloid controlled by Begos.

"Everything will be friendly and customers will come to me until they arrive. We are reasonable, it must be Reasonable Randall Kessler says. "The problem is that people do not always agree with what is fair or right."

"If they agree with everything, it will be easier. If you do not agree, that is Lawyers They will win Cash"

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