Tuesday , July 27 2021

Camilla Goldsmith met a popular character and was not hesitant to demonstrate the moment

Two phenomena of social networks were gathered together in one place and place. Something is unthinkable, but it happened. Camille Gallardo met the popular character "L El Chuna" in Los Willows and the singer took a moment to record a video with him.

The well-known "Guna" was popular for his common name "Tan Haelo Keiste Such Juan". He already knows it as his "brand".

"Congratulations to Camilla, she's from Santiago." First he congratulated. Then he shot. "So I'm telling you." After that, they were not laughing.

At the time taken by an artist Instagram, the fans and moment captured by her are described in detail as "two legends. I do not know that I need to get a video with Chucky."

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