Tuesday , January 19 2021

Can Hanthana spread among humans?

Last Sunday affirmed In the Lion Lagoon in 2019, the epidemic of Hanthara virus, Thursday's Chilean second-suspect case was positively tested in the quick test.

This is an addition 9 people have died in ArgentinaAnd Trans is a Chilean national who has returned to an island where he is from an Andean city.

The authorities are not concerned only with the death of a large number of scores Infected people can contract others.

The common thing is to get infected directly from infected insects and isolate their cases. However, this assumption is growing, Deadly victims knew each other and were relatives.

Can you really transmit hantavirus to humans?

Expert in parasitic diseases las conjunes rodrigo baramemi explained Human transmission of the human from the human has been written for more than 10 years in Chile.

"In general, people living in homes can infect infections Patients' couples have special risks"The expert said.

He explained After three weeks of infection, the secretion of HTA. Therefore, it is important to identify the symptoms of a disease diagnosis.

According to the expert, The key to preventing the epidemic is to protect the respiratory tract, Since they are abstaining from mice that are viruses.

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