Wednesday , February 24 2021

Catholic University meets Everton with the aim of remaining a unique leader

Catholic University To receive Everton This Tuesday is the 31st National Championship, A meeting of those at the top of the mountain who hope they will prove a victory Outstanding Leaders in the Match.

The actors in the “column” attend this meeting a The draw against Union Espanola is required On the last day, they were left in the same way as a relic First place in the table with 57 points, But only three units from his defense Union la Cholera.

The city council continued to deal with the injured. Not counting on Jose Pedro Fuenzalida or Edson Puch. In addition, they will not be in this competition Carlos Solomon, Sent a red card against the Hispanics.

In this way, the most likely alignment of the “crusade” is as follows: Matthias Detro Bowed; Raimundo Rebolido, Alfonso Parrott, Walber Huerta and Juan Cornejo For safety; Ignacio Savandra, Marcelino Nice and Luciano Aude In midfield, off the attack Gonzalo Tapia, Clement Montes and Fernando Sampedari.

On the other hand, the “Roulette” squad will try to bring the leaders home Better results than a 2-2 draw Both teams cheered that joy in the first round.

Directed by Roberto Senseni They are in eleventh place with 39 units, But they can fully enter the International Cup qualifying zone to win.

The group most likely to stop Viñamarinos will be: Johnny Herrera On target; Camilo Rodriguez, Sebastian Pereira, Christian Suarez and Dylan Shiga behind; Benjamin Rivera, Gary Moya; Rodrigo Echeverria, Carlos Lobos and Matthias Leva In the steering wheel area; and Juan Cuevas The only way forward.

The duel between Universidad Catalica and Everton takes place in San Carlos de Apocindo From 7:15 pm in our country, With the arbitration of Hector Jonah. With transmission you can follow all the procedures Outdoors in the cooperative and Virtual Bookmark.

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