Saturday , January 16 2021

Chile's pilot comes after a serious condemnation of the center of dispute in Dakar

In the Dakar year on the Cockland, in 2019, there were some controversy. A possible leak They will be notified beforehand.

The Chilean airline pilot Boris Gorieffel denounced the El Marsoo's denunciation, saying "some pilots They had more details in the second stage, And the speed is very different, it's easy to understand. Some traveled very fast.

National debt talks were compared by Laia Sunshine of Spain: "True, that's very bad. All of us know that this has happened On Dakar, I'm not surprised. "

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Another incident that took place during the third stage is the situation with some pilots from San Juan de Marconia and the aikarya. They accused of multiple accidents on the road mapOne of the conditions used by Chilean Pablo Quattanella.

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