Thursday , January 28 2021

Chile's unpredictable figures about cancer and how to prevent it

Most Chilean women are diagnosed with breast, ache and cramp (55.3%) and prostate, stomach and skin (58.7%)

It's important to be healthy, and Samuel Duran, vice president of science specialists, explains: "In industrialized countries 30% of cancer-related cancer (secondarily preventable by tobacco) and 20% development-in addition to physical inactivity-is responsible for up to 30% of breast cancer, breast, cholera, and blood, kidney, endometrium and purir .

The professional focuses on the efforts made by nutritionists to promote and prevent the cancer, launched by the Global Fund for Cancer Research.

1. Keeping healthy weight and limiting consumption of rich foods from calories, sugars and fats: surplus and high calorie foods, sugar and fat consumption malnutrition, liver cancer, advanced prostate, risk factor for ovaries, gall buds, kidneys, Colenou, Pyrrhosis, post menopausal breast, pancreas, uterus and intestines.

2. Be physically active. Physically active in a moderate way is like walking for about 30 minutes a day. Limit sleeping habits, such as watching TV, using wheelchairs, sitting down for a long time or sitting in bed. A mature lifestyle is a risk factor for the uterus in the uterus, post-blooms and breast cancer.

3. Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes. The recommended consumption of vegetables in all colors should be 600 grams per day or 5 parts per day. Fruits, vegetables and legumes Food consumption is a chronic condition for cholera and blood cells, lung, mouth, and fever and fever.

4. Prevention of Red Meat Consumption and Consumption of Processed Meat. Red meat consumption should not exceed 500 grams per week. Processed meat consumption (healing meat, sausages, tania, skins) from time to time (1 to 2 months). Consumption of red meat and processed meat increases the risk of cholera, blood and gastric cancer.

5. Do not consume alcohol.

Alcohol consumption, oral cancer, urticaria, pyrism, stomach, liver, collagen, cancer, bladder and breast. Warning: There is no safety limit for alcohol

6. Reduce salt consumption. Consumption of salt and processed food (preserved or manured) consumption and consumption of 5 g of salt per day should not be limited. Over 5 grams of salt per day is a risk factor for stomach cancer. Most common cancers in Chile

7. Multiple supplemental consumption is associated with cancer control. The most important thing is the different diet in healthy people, instead of different foods

8. Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding only up to 6 months and complementary feeding to protect the mother and child and extend it to 2 years. Before and after breast-feeding is a safe factor for menopausal and ovarian cancer.

Pre-diagnosis is a good friend of the most basic medical practice. A nutritionist shows the potential for nutritional deficiencies that can lead to healthier and faster progress by preparing food and preparing the food according to the needs of the patient. The type of pancreatic cancer (for example, you have to swallow difficulty integrating compositions), on the other hand, plays a major role in education on food safety education for patients who can not feed the mouth, ethanol feeding or integrating formulations. For example, an immune system can suffer from frequent diabetes. In treatment (Chimney and radiotherapy), the effect of the treatment is to improve the effect of dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, stomatitis.

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