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Daniela Campos will enter politics and run for parliament: “You must join” | Television and television

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January 16, 2021 | Posted at 13:05

January 16, 2021 | Posted at 13:05

Daniela Campos will enter politics and become an MP: “You have to get involved”

Daniela Campos will enter politics and run for parliament: “You must intervene”

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This 2021 election calendar will be a politically turbulent year. In this context, there are dozens of people in our country who do not want to remain in the public or public spheres and seek a place in politics..

Among Creole celebrities, candidates for mayor, councilor, and composer are the most frequently repeated candidates who have once reported on their lives changed after appearing in reality shows, reality shows, or the media.

One of them is a journalist and former Miss Chile Daniela Fields, Recently officially nominated his independent candidacy – with the support of Evpoli Member for Colina.

I had a dream, inspired by Lady D in the 80s, helping those in need the most, and I wanted to be like her. After raising a family and with all the water under the bridge, today I am able to resume that dream. I choose to live and I help the community where my daughter grows upDaniela commented.

In an interview with La Quarta, Campos – who is still recovering from surgery she underwent in October to remove two cancerous tumors from her head – said she wanted to change the situation in Chile. “It simply came to our notice then. There are so many things I connect with people’s reality. It gives me courage and courage to deal with a variety of issues, such as health, the environment and safety.

Despite the fact that Evpoli, who co-authored a list of legislators with the Republican Party, would also support her candidacy, Daniela assured that she did not trust the system and – like many young people – that she was fed up with old politics. “So he decided, ‘You should stay in the house, kick the bitch, and get involved. “

He admitted that he was not afraid of the prejudice coming from television. In addition, he considers himself prepared and that his daily motivation is to interact with people.

health status

The communicator pointed out that she had recovered.It’s faster than I expected, but it’s not easy with the difficulties involved. I have had to go for all sorts of tests and unfortunately a new surgery is coming“.

This new surgery is associated with a scar problem that cannot be well explained. “One surgeon will send my case to Australia for the best surgery,” he said.

Faced with this, she pointed out that despite the grief of the situation, today she is trying to be “strong and stable” and focus on her daily activities, “without compromising her safety”.

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