Tuesday , July 27 2021

Distributes a message for the 20th anniversary of Sukersi and Nintendo Super Smash Broads – Nintenderos.com

As we told you recently Super Smash Br He turned 20 years old after launching his first game with his creator, Masahiro Chakras, Is currently following Authorized officer.

This is the only thing Sakurāyi It was impossible to celebrate this 20th anniversary. Creativity has been published in his personal report Twitter Greetings to the series Super Smooth BrushesMemorable models take 20 years of fun, home or comeback events, and consoles and laptops; In addition, He thanked the fans To play during this time.

Nintendo He has been published Thank you Since January 21, 1999, sponsorship and individual supplies can be made.

You may find these messages below:

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