Tuesday , January 19 2021

Each of the dogs is Guattano in Chile

According to a recent study by the veterinary medical association for the confirmation of veterinary cases Chile is worried about the reality of the health of the dogs: Over one third more or overweightThe product is mainly the Cushy Lifestyle.

"If you look at the city, many people live longer in the building. Dogs have less space, and one with one speed, than walking"Franco González, a member of the responsible committee in Prasimino, says dogs are responsible for weight problems.

"Obesity in Chile is rising steadily over the lifestyles of people," he emphasizes.

The production of an animal's life, and those suffering from fat like people, causes a lot of similar diseases High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, Vascular Disease, the rest.

Considering this, Gonzalez recommends that pet pets move out of the home to exercise or exercise for 20 minutes. "It is wrong to have urinary urge for 15 minutes, it's worth it, we need aerobic exercise"Warns.

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Another key factor is added at this time: Feed

A survey carried out by Mars crayons around the world has revealed at least Five of the people have dropped their pets Just to make them happy.

Also, 54% of the heads provide food for their dogs.

Like humans, it is important to stimulate a balanced diet for animals. The pets are controlled by 50% vegetables, 25% carbohydrates and 25% protein on plastic. But with high muscle mass, some types of protein are needed.

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