Monday , January 25 2021

Germán Lanaro: Inquirer we need in the Copper Lumbergoos

The protector of the Catholic University praised Ikiki Worker.

At the same time, at Krzesdad, he was happy about the renewal.

Protection German Lannero, Catholic UniversityHe spoke Open Prime Minister He commended the new attacker of the "Crusade" Edson Pitch He was happy about the renewal.

The guard told him about the "guardian", "he was a fighter at the market where he was the last in the market, he is doing well with good things and being an important player. We will not only offer the tournament, but also give us a quality explosion when we face Kopa Livorados. "

On the other hand Argentina guaranteed assurances on his continuity in the protagonist's character "I'm glad that I really want to, and the community has shown me that way. Then we had to wait for a delay in looking at the discussions when switching the technician and we ended up in a good harbor. "

Regarding a new strategist in the United States, Gustavo QuentosLannero showed it "He is a very experienced technician, and his curriculum helps many of what he does. But now he finds new staff he wants to know. When it gets stronger, do it as soon as possible to get a quick team. "

Finally, the challenge for the students The Lubbers Cup "We spoke in the team," said the coach, "we accept the difficulty of the team, but we are confident that we can play a good role. We can repeat what we did in the field of the international arena. "

"The idea is to put short periods of time, take action and match the match, it will not be easy, so we are well, we have two athletes and the fight for situation is difficult. We believe that we are able to stage We will see how we are armed. For that, we see that there is still a group armed with a team to determine a team. "

Others from the Catholic University

On the first day of Edson Pitch on San Carlos de Apocindo,

Catholic University

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