Tuesday , January 19 2021

His career may be the end

Beloved apprentice Coco Laganger He would have been living in an incredible time Health issues you can Finish his career.

At the age of 71, he says that "He will bruise his head"There is one"Large deaf in the left ear"

The speaker spoke with the speech of Lisz Últimas Noticias by the artist, and he more info:I'm listening intently, that's amazing. When I commit suicide, even when I brush my teeth, I know.

"Significant loss of hearing. Talk to me rather than listen to me. I would like to have a shaving finger on my hob droppings. A fluid in the middle ear was confirmed.

Why do you have problems with your ears?

According to the veteran film, this problem was caused High temperature changes Living in a "old helmet", a cinematic success.

"Generally, when it comes to airplanes, there is a lot of air conditioning, Changing the climate to the point of intake, heat or cold coming in for hours", Certified Leggand, not willing to do an operation.

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