Friday , January 22 2021

"I Decide That Will Decide": Tram claims to reconsider the Panaro Declaration of Paris

President Sebastian visited the Punjab Aeneras on Friday. He attended the second regional state of the region, and held the summit in Chile APEC This year and Op 25 In 2020.

The president indicated that the APEC summit would be beneficial to them Magolan and the Magellan Strait.

In addition, COP25 – the largest and most important event for climate change – said: "They must remember COP21 in Paris, for the first time They could agree Countries that are bound by the countries that have faced voluntary ties
Climate change and global warming ".

"Paris was the great hope for COP21 The United States, Russia and China participated. Shortly after that, President Tram retreated to the United States. I am hopeful that this decision will be amended because it requires global efforts.

Magellan and Antarctica

In this context the president pointed out "we have a huge challenge when we have 25 coaches in the Chilean state of Chile More demand Although the aims of the Paris Summit are even more ambitious, not only will not sacrifices, but these commitments will continue to prevail over a path leading mankind back to Chile. "

He said that the Maglaganton and Antarctica areas are to be played Plays an important role. "If there is a continent on the continent, it's Antarctica from pure purity."

"We are about to close the impact of the Antarctic pact, We will have to play a very important roleAntarctica must be a white continent, a continent of peace and a clean continent, he said.

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