Wednesday , January 20 2021

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A famous national actor Coco Laganger It did not go very good in the morning.

As the national newspaper LUN reported, the last time the Windows musician had problems.

"I listening intently, it is amazing: my teeth, when I'm gnashing my teeth,He pointed out.

According to the artist, the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear is a poor hearing.

"Make sure that I have enough fluid, and I'm deaf on the left. Everything is a medical assessment. Significant loss of hearing "He added.

Pablo Ovalle Prank | United Nations
Pablo Ovalle Prank | United Nations

His real name, Alexandro Gonzalez, emphasized that this temperature can be caused by high temperature changes.

"Generally, when it comes to an airplane, there's a lot of air conditioning," he said, "after hours of changing one climate to the place where heat or cold is coming."

As explained by the webmasters, the sensitivity of high-toned sounds begins to be very lighter by the end of the 40s, and from the 80s to the basal.

"Its cost per million milliseconds varies. Losing out of Listening, the isolation of adults begins "He assured them.

"Speak to me and listen to me, I do not want to go to the fingertips of tents."

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