Friday , January 22 2021

In a new area of ​​Fefah pollution, a Serbian Piano Escobar actor Actor

Former Chairman of ANFP Sergey Judy – Agricia UNO

From Pablo S. Jacober to Sergei Jude. Colombian actor Andrés Parrara will be the acting actress who will be taking to the new Amazon series "L president".

The 39-year-old is the influential corrupt party of the Associated Soccer International Federal Football Institute and the head of the AFP, who will try to exhibit at several major stages of the FIFA gate.

The drama, composed by Argentine director Arnold Bob, is said to be in the main role, as noted earlier. A few years ago, Pablo EsoBarr of the television channel became known for playing the game. "Bad Model"

In addition, the role of Judah's wife is the arrival of Mexican actress Pauline Garcia to play Esaubard's wife. But "Nerquez" netfrees

Escobar Gentleness


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