Saturday , January 16 2021

Increasing the infection by the Aedes Egyptians in the city of Paraguay | People

The National AIDS Control Program (SENNA) reported that the Aegis Egyptian mosquito popping index has risen to 11.87 percent in Prague.

According to this agency, the transmitter from these insects became positive on 757 containers with special conditions.

According to the survey, 11.87 percent of the survey was conducted in neighboring regions of Asuncion.

Director of the National Dengue Control Program, Edgar Sanebria, told reporters that larvae were an increase in uterine infection.

He said that nearly 12 percent of the capital was in capital. He pointed out at William Elisa 17.20 that "this percentage is extremely worrisome," he emphasized.

He continued with Lambarere (10.18), Mirijano Rock Alozón (13.44) and San Lorenzo (11.20).

The interior temperatures of the country are over 100, while Alfrede (14%), Villiers (12), San Equestree and Sun Defro (11 percent)

Senría stressed that the transmitter of dengue, sica and chickronia is full of larvae. He recalled that due to climatic conditions, it took place within less than five days (mosquitoes).

He said that there is no understanding about the citizenship that does not help to destroy breeding places.

He summoned the Aedes Egyptian to the work of the group of mosques against mosquitoes.

"If we do not act wisely, we can face severe dengue in the coming months," Sanurria stressed.

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