Tuesday , January 26 2021

Inter Millennium | A decisive meeting by Moreau Ickardy

Italian newspapers provide a new tip every day Morrow IscariotAfter we have arrived in January, we do not stop all of the parties ending up to resolving their future. Indeed, the striker was demanding a strong demand several days ago Milan.

All right, this Saturday Gazzetta dello Sport Try to take a further step in this matter, because the date has already been set for the desired meeting that the future should decide. On Tuesday, a three-way meeting will take place with BP Maria, Pietro Auscilaio and Anda Nara.

General Manager and Sports Director of Volleyball, the striker's wife and agent will be given a monthly salary of 7 rupees. We have already noticed that the attacker is demanding another 9 days, but the negotiations will be held and it will be a long time.

Therefore, knowing all the things happening in the meeting, the history of all parties, will soon overcome everything. So, for days you can tell if Real Madrid has options to sign him.

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