Tuesday , January 19 2021

Is it over? The "Blood Contract" bookwriter reports several final days and last editions of the screenwriter

The 13th television program of Pacto de Sangre is a phenomenon that can be seen not only in the home of audiences but also on the social networks of Internet users. After the end of each chapter, various theories are created.

But Californian Calgary, A screenwriter who had recently given an interview He talked about the characters and the end of the story and the last day of the story.

Journalist Monarchratt MartorellThe creation of every character was a "playful and entertaining one" and spoke with a certified screenwriter.

"It was the most entertaining part, we created a map, we defined four of these four friends, and since the universe of the TV is closed, There were only ten artists who could create us"He was assured.

But everyone knows what to say When is the end of the hunt? And the screenwriter, in short, Information was provided.

Katilina Calgary said: They have planned some funerals and one of them can be selected"He finally said that It is expected to end on the night of April.

Here you can see part of the interview.

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