Thursday , January 28 2021

"It's not a man!": The tough confrontation between Kell's love comrade Rakul Argandranana and La Cuarta

In the end, they have been linked to some of Chilean scenes by Cal Calderon, Clarau Yturida and Matthias Aslard. Sometimes he heard that he planned to return to the former partner, Pangal. However, on all rumors this Saturday, La Cuarta rejected all rumors.

According to the media, Kell will be in contact with Alfredo "Totto" Torbalba from December 2017. The youngster who is close to this influence will become a dentist, and he will be close to all events. According to information, his mother worked in the Kara Magazine and is a relative of the Mayor of Vith Kola, Raúl Torrealba.


In this context, morning talked with the subject of "Bienvenidos", Channel 13's Rikwal Argandhandanai and La La Ciavat, Sergei Marbobly. As soon as the media in the national circle revealed what "the Quinta" rejected and began a tense discussion with the person in charge of the "Popular Newspaper".

First, the Argentinean and Francesca García Huidobello have noted the "group of observers". He says only 12 people have reported this problem. So I can not go to everyone's name.

Kell's mother directly answered "According to the fourth."

Malibuno said that she went with her mother and her friend Totto to launch Punta Arenas to introduce Kelle's nail bag. In the room of Rakal Argassandra and two friends, "Kvinthala" does not like.

"It's a lie, I'd like it to be a camera, it's not a human being," said Rehel Argandana, firmly, "you're definitely going to bed with the other person."

The director of La Quarta has made his own excuses, but it has been misinterpreted, and Kell's mother has told him that the problem is said.

There, Francesca García Huidobro said that two friends could sleep without a problem. She worked with Julian Elffiven with Sean Dell Marine, and nothing is meant.

"If this is to be published tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, this relationship is not true," said the Ralph Archeologist. The anger of the Quintarelle was significantly noticeable, that men abandoned it, and it was said that he was going to work in that newspaper.

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