Saturday , January 23 2021

Jegopolo was raped when the role was to be dropped.

Three people have been arrested in the Beirut airport at the Benito Benito Airport. While preparing to depart for Chile Combined as Tarapacá Communism's geographical sculptors.

The defendant, a Chilean citizen and a Belgian citizen, They entered the Garden Family, Where is the geographical location called "Tarapacá Giant", and The vehicle they traveled with was disastrously damaged throughout the archaeological monument.

"The damage caused by car pursuits with the vehicle It's very hard to delete them Weight and brand weight. Restoring the surface is very difficult. He puts a mark on life Luis Bolías, a researcher at the University of Bolivia, Luis Peris, has told Chile.

See also: Chile will not be able to use the word pisco with Peru's favorable rule.

Schedule of National AssetsAlexandra Bravo Radio BIO Beo Requesting maximum legal sanctions for indoor damages ". On Thursday, January 10, a complaint was lodged with regard to the damage to the town of Huara City.

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