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Kovid vaccine protection for troops sent on an international mission | Society

A member of the crew of the amphibious attack ship Castilla receives the Kovid-19 vaccine.
A member of the crew of the amphibious attack ship Castilla receives the Kovid-19 vaccine.Spa Spain nav Navy

The first soldiers to receive the vaccine are those who will have to go abroad on missions in the coming weeks; Including the crew of the amphibian attack ship Castile And my hunter Tajo. Both are scheduled to sail in February. The first is from Rota (Cadiz) Naval Base, which has about 200 crew members to take part in Operation Atlanta against piracy in the Indian Ocean. The second was to join my hunters’ NATO force from Cartagena (Murcia) with 60 sailors.

Both groups were among the first to be vaccinated by the Armed Forces after a coronavirus outbreak on the oceanic spacecraft. Hesperide Force the partial cancellation of this year’s Antarctic Movement. The ship left Cartagena (Murcia) on December 30 and had to be diverted to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) after four positive crew discoveries. New tests have increased the number of infected people to 35, which led to the cancellation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation participation. Hesperide In the Antarctic movement.

In addition to the schedule provided by the Ministry of Health, the Department of Defense has its own vaccination schedule. It follows its guidelines. It also has its own dosage: they are refrigerated for 4.9 million for storage at the Military Pharmacy of Colemaner Vigo (Madrid). So far neither the Ministry of Health nor the Ministry of Defense has reported the existence of this vaccination program or the parameters governing it.

In addition to the team participating in future missions in missions in Lebanon, Iraq or Latvia, the security forces have included military medical officers, camps and units and educational centers for the first phase of vaccination. Priority groups include vaccination groups organized by the security forces and given to independent communities. In all, there are nearly a hundred groups of four toilets each. Minister Margarita Robles presented them on January 5, but so far no request has been received.

The security forces started the vaccination plan three days later, but most of the vaccines were given last week, so the second dose will need to be vaccinated and its health workers will have to wait until early February to be vaccinated, and the rest will be vaccinated. In the three forces: 120,000 military and about 25,000 civilians.

Health exemptions are currently limited to the first phase priority groups. According to the Covid-19 vaccination strategy, they are considered to be large dependents of those working in nursing homes for the elderly and large dependents, pioneers in the field of health and social-health care, other health or social health workers, and people.

Based on this document, the health force will enter the first phase of vaccination, but the suspicion remains with the military on international missions. Specialists confirmed that they were not shown in the documentation of the vaccination phase. The National Security Forces and the Army, as well as the Fire Brigade or Civil Defense, are listed in the Essential Personnel section, and should be vaccinated at an advanced stage of the process.

I understand that sanitation soldiers have been vaccinated, but others do not fall within the context of the action group’s priority framework. In principle, they will only be eligible as individuals, ”said Ames Garcia, president of the Spanish V Vaccine Association.

Federico de Montalvo, chairman of the biological committee at Spa Spain, believes that vaccination now makes “sense” because “people who can give up the vaccine are outside Spa Spain when it’s their turn”, “private” But essential. ”Amos and Montalbo are part of the committee that formulated the vaccination strategies.

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